2012 NSRA Point Series News

The 2012 NSRA Quality Aircraft Car Sand Times Drag Racing Series has announced a proposed point series payout for the 8 race series. Currently the Pro 1, Pro 3, and MP2 classes are fully funded, and additional funding is being sought out for the remaining classes. Here is the proposed point series payout chart. *Update: MP1 is now fully funded* (12-15-11)

Pro 1 - 1st $1000 / 2nd $500
Pro 2 - 1st $1000 / 2nd $500
Pro 3 - 1st $700 / 2nd $300
MP1 - 1st $500 / 2nd $250
MP2 - 1st 350 / 2nd $200
TF - $5000 Winner Take All
TA - $3000 Winner Take All
TE - 1st $2000 / 2nd $1000
FF - 1st $2000 / 2nd $1000

For anyone interested in sponsoring the series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The sponsor will get their race team or company name on the end of the season plaque. Each sponsor may cover one class, first or second place total. The goal is for funding to be in place shortly after the New Year.

Also, a note for the 2011 NSRA point series first and second place winners, the plaques will be at the Dome Valley February race and handed out on February 3.

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